Cassette Tapes, High Tops, And A Blue Lincoln

As I sit back and think,
of a simpler time,
I remember ninety-two.
Our backyard just had a make over,
from hurricane Andrew.
Ironically, not long after that,
the Miami hurricanes,
won their third national football title.
I remember my dad's,
blue Lincoln Mark 7
They don't make them,
like that anymore.
It was pure class -
a giant engine,
real fast,
a V8,
with two doors.
I remember playing football -
getting grass-stains,
on my brand new,
white hightops.
I remember staying home,
during my second grade for a week,
because of the chicken pox.
I eventually grew,
into a new phase,
when I bought my first set,
of blank cassette tapes.
I spent most of two years,
inside making mixes,
until my mom,
eventually took them away.
Ah yes, those were,
the good old days.
Now I am a man.
Those were fun times,
but I am glad they passed,
I would never,
want to do it again.

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