The Gifted One

My Muse

The melody of my muse

A feeling from a mental command to daily use

A very good tool for an author such as me

In the form of a hirsute chest wall, dark-brown eyes, and a body as strong as the mighty sea


I can’t think straight I pull back my covers

His handsome manly body hovers

He takes my body to the revelation of the fifth wonder

Elated, sedated, which my mental muse has officially created

That inner peace to tame the writer’s block beast

Who knocks on my door as I surrender in mental defeat


Not today I sweetly say

With my muse if there’s a will, but I’m highly addictive to him doing it his animalistic way

The floor, the bed, the couch, and yes even in the shower

It feels so good when my muse straddles me in the midnight hour

Stimulating, he’s a gifted body I would call

Thrusting inside of me, getting weak from his body, intoxicating like alcohol


Drunk in love

A muse I will never get rid of

Standing while he’s mental romancing

He lays me down, body-to-body physical dancing

Tiring me out

Beyond a shadow of a doubt


Assuring me I’m his thoughts as he has me nude on my back

A stiff hard code no other could come to crack

As I sit when I type

My muse slowly kissing down my back

His fingers now inside of me getting me wet with a pre-climatic hype

Waiting for the right moment when his pipe is ripe

How he untangles my mind I have no gripe


He mentally teases

He emotionally pleases

With my muse deep inside of me

He physically frees the flow of my sea, always fulfilling my carnal need

My computer keys are now ringing

Umm, my body once again is now singing

In the mist of me bringing

The flow of my mind

Thank goodness for the oral art of mankind


Licked up, licked down, still wet downtown

Hey, I’m not complaining

Mind is still consciously raining

Have to get somehow inspired

Before the essence of my mind totally expires





  • Unsub


    highly visual erotic piece.


    • The Gifted One

      Mm, isn't life just grand love. Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a great day as well.

      The Gifted One

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