The Small But Not Forgotten

Living her life,
against the grain,
she maintains.
She thinks she is alright,
because she stays the same.
Nobody thought,
that she would end up there.
She carried her secrets,
for most of her years.
Her mom was,
a prostitute,
and filled her with fear.
At the time,
her only hope,
was that her dad,
was just a nightmare.
Yet, still she received,
such good grades in class,
and always respected,
her teachers,
and every test,
she passed.
Her high school yearbook said,
"Most likely to succeed".
Then it started slow,
She started smoking,
grass and weed.
She quickly move,
to cocain,
then started using,
heroin three times a day.
Oh the things,
she did for it -
awake for three days straight,
roaming the streets,
for it.
Getting arrested,
she did not rely,
on dad and mom.
They said that,
she was way passed failure.
She was already gone.
She was once,
so beautiful.
Now her looks went away.
Even she,
contemplated suicide,
until one night,
it started to rain.
She needed a place,
for shelter,
it did not really,
matter where.
So she quickly ran,
into a place,
not noticing the sign reading,
"It doesn't matter,
who you are!
It does not matter,
what your sin is".
The preacher,
continued to say,
"That Jesus ALWAYS forgives".
As she continued,
to squeeze the water,
out of her hair,
she began,
to feel a giant veil,
over her heart tear.
After taking a few seconds,
to reevaluate her life,
She knew she was tired,
of being the same,
so she then accepted Christ.

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