The Gifted One

I Give You The Stars You Gave Me The Moon

I Give You The Stars You Gave Me The Moon

Looked up toward the sky, you’re gone too soon

Melancholy Mood

No Spiritual food

Separation Blues

No just dues

Queen has lost her crown

No silent whispers to take me down

Spin me around

Breathless anticipation as my feet touches ground

Uplift me, no words needed ever to be said 

Star has fallen, Moon has fled

No comfort to please

No emotional tease

This feeling has brought me down to my knees

Darn, can I say that again

Double Darn, displaying emotions can sometimes be an earthly sin

The death of self

The flow of mental juices, was worth more than wealth

No passionate end

No ear to lend

I give up, I give in

Shouldn’t even let that quite dance begin

Got caught

Nurse to heal the world, true emotions as I mentally sought

Feel like my own patient trying to cure myself

A quick recovery, once I learn to place those lingering feelings back on a shelf

Thief of Hearts strikes again

Captured my heart, soul, as he gently caressed my skin

I want my heart back

He covets my mind beautifully in his charismatic attack

What a perfect poetic knack

Handsome Cupid with a straight shot of his bow and arrow

Bulls Eye, fallen sparrow

My heart, it’s most likely kept in his back pocket

He has the key to unlock my emotions, euphoric  feelings, more powerful than the blast of a skyrocket

As the congregation says, oh well

It appears I must creep back to the scene of the crime to get my heart back, if I’m successful, only time will tell


  • kevin browne

    Brilliant piece of writing. The flow was really nice to read and the interpretations, the metaphor is alive all the way through to the end. A;so, I'd love to come and live on the Moon with you. How such fun could be created by living on another planet. Excellent write, my friend.

    • The Gifted One

      Why thank you Kevin for taking the time to read and then adding a comment. Have a great afternoon as well.

      The Gifted One

      • kevin browne

        Indeed I did enjoy the afternoon sat compiling some poems together. Thanks for your positive feedback.

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      • Nicholas Browning

        So, when I was browsing through today's poems on the front page, I came across this. So I said to myself, "Gosh, with a title like that it had better be something good." Now let me tell you, I was not expecting an a,a,a,a, - b,b,b,b, rhyme scheme free verse ballad. That was sneaky. I was expecting some love-junkie mess about feelings being reciprocated and all is well. That's not what I'm here for.

        Alrighty then, let's do it.
        So, the poem is about giving someone your affection and having them return it in a very brief manner, only for them to disappear. That's some rough material. I like how it just jumped straight into the whole wishing they would have stayed, and then the transition to how it affected the author. That was a nice touch. Overall, a proportionately cryptic read with a hint of sadness and loathing while the protagonist is trying to identify their emotional state.
        I enjoyed it. Thank you for posting.

      • The Gifted One

        Mmm, you are good. I hope in more ways than one love…wink. Oh, thank you for delving into the abyss of ecstasy raining inside of me…I mean my words, sorry.

        The Gifted One

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