Michael J. Schaeffer




The Distortion that is within the World and the Times. Corruption is within Our Government. The Government has its Effectiveness. The Power to Skirmish. The Power of a Confrontation. The System is Sympathetic to the Left. A Liberal View and its Dominance. September 11th was a Major Strike. 2008-2016 was the Second Attack. The Plague is Marching on Our Soil. The Plague has Risen. The Plague has Effected the Brain of the Youth. The Liberal Democrats are Pleased to Destroy Our American Children and Our Grand-Children. The Ar-15 is Our Freedom Weapon. They Use it in Words and in Protest. As to Shame Our Soldiers. The Liberals are Destroying Our M-16. Our AR-15. Our Bushmaster. Our 2nd Amendment has been Tread On. Destroyed by the Left. Our Children are being Strangled by this Selfishness. The Freedom Fighters Weapon is Like a Chainsaw and the Irresponsible Use of Her because She is Reliable. The Corruption of the Left and Sympathetic Liberals that Strike Us Down Since 9/11. Its like They Consume Us...  


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