Beast (co-written with Santita)

There is something trapped inside of me

Hidden under the fake mask of smiles

It cannot be still & longs to be free

Impatiently waiting to escape & defile


It has watched from behind the scenes

As the dream passes by its judging eyes

But things are not at all as they seem

It knows the truth behind the blatant lies


It festers, it crawls & it burns

It haunts, taunts with claws so sharp

Controlling, dehumanising

Turning my light into the pitchest dark


It enflames, it seethes & it howls

It taunts, haunts with malice & spite

Dominating, positioning

Changing my day into the darkest night


Long ago I tried to put it all to rest

Now it screams & shakes, rocking its cage

It decided it will no longer be suppressed

There is a beast that is ready to enrage


© 2018 Unsub/Santita


  • Santita

    Excuse me, sir, I believe I wrote half of this piece! Lol!

    I think this was our first collab. Always awesome to write with you!

    • Unsub


      I know! I have ameneded the title to include you; forgot!! Ooops! Sorry!

      Just wanted all the attention & reward for myself!


    • Laura

      Unsub & Santi,

      That pic is haunting!
      The beast is ready to enrage and wreak havoc! The beast is unleashed! No more hiding! Full disclosure!

      It reminds me of those creepy stalkers who at first they pretend to be the perfect docile persona. Once the intended victim’s confidence is achieved, unbeknownst to the victim, the so called harmless persona is ready for its kill! The unsuspecting victim is now helpless. They finally realize they’ve been duped!
      Once they’re under their spell, the beast will surface and will mercilessly charge with a vengeance and satisfy all its needs!

      A great collaborative piece! You are the dynamic duo after all! Happy to see you both collaborating again!

      As always...


      • Unsub


        this is actually an older collaboration; we haven't worked together for a while now.

        Glad you enjoyed it,



      • orchidee

        There's something of that in all of us I think. Yet not to say we're demon-possessed or similar.
        And there I was, going to do my usual cuppa tea and slice of cake, and discuss this nice and quietly! heehee.

        • Unsub


          even those guinea pigs have the inner demon in them!!


        • The Gifted One

          What a beautiful collaboration between you two.

          The Gifted One

          • Unsub


            many thanks for dropping in to read & comment; most appreciated.


          • sylviasearcher

            What a great collaboration, its edginess creeps in from the start tearing open the lines and transforming from caged and feared to fierce and indomitable.

            I dont really like hierarchical societies but you are the king and queen of tortured word paintings 🖤

            • Unsub


              Santi may well be the Queen of tortured word paintings; me, I'm just a humble bard!



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