Shi no hakobi te

She saw through eyes of the blind

She was loved,
She was cared for,
She had feelings too,
She had a life,
She had a family who loved her,
She had friends who cared,
But She couldn't see that.
She saw what people thought of her,
She jumped to conclusions,
She wrote a letter,
You had no idea,
You didn't see the signs,
But I did,
She tried to tell you,
But you ignored her
So she took the pill.

She thought no one loved her,
She thought no one cared for her,
She thought all her friends were fake,
She thought everyone looked down on her.

So she took her life,
It ended before it began,

If only you saw,
If only you Knew,
If only you were there,
If only you could've stopped it.

But It's always, "If only",
We're humans,
We can't blame ourselves,
So we blame each other,
Because we can never find peace.


  • Shi no hakobi te

    I hope you all like this poem

  • Mene

    Very strong, and though free verse, it has great flow. Great write, Shi. ^^

    • Shi no hakobi te

      Thank you Jinx ^^ I hope I can become as great a poet as you

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