The Gifted One

Through A Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach

Not under water, but on the surface of the shore

Green pastures once again knocking at my door

Traveled the world for an echoing sound

Once found, trying my hardest to bury it underground

No mental games displayed here

Only naked undulated emotions whispered gently in the ear

The purest in its rarest form

No blanket needed, words kept me warm

Throughout the night

A flaming torch as my guiding light

Tomorrow, a new day is finally here

No reassurance of yesterday seesaw of fears

In life, one has so many decisions, hopefully to adhere to the right choice

Submitting free will unto passions, faceless, an unheard voice

Should one take the bait

Remain on my throne and relate

Continue to uphold my mental crown or run with the wind and participate

Life is so short, who knows if one minute is offered into another

Distant Lover, passage of rites to emotional smother, giving you all my sentiments under the covers

In the heat of the night

Understand, the reasons why I stay in flight 

Once my feet hit earthly ground

Are you planning to be around

Or leave me mentally wandering in the lost and found

Ignoring me by not making a sound

Ruling words is intellectual power behind a Queen’s crown

Breathing again, bowing in grace, preparing to be mentally taken down 

No time in life for the what, hows, and who really need, the whys

As time for all unceasingly flies

Three things a woman in life truly lives by

A Knight to protect the soft monarch

A Viking to allow his ship to sail, as the canal is gratified in the midst of an bended arch

A Pirate in search of hidden sunken treasures

While channeling the weather

A woman couldn’t ask for anything better

Through a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, what’s cooking

I’ll bring the company, you bring the utensils, a little dash of sugar when no one is looking

Food to eat that has been simmering in juices all day long

I hope I am not at the dinner table sitting alone

Candlelight, dining, rose petal covered sheets, mind, so far pass gone

Umm…so what’s cooking, the sweet melody of our wording engaging song


  • fuche_bu

    What if the man likes to do the cooking?

    • The Gifted One

      As long as he knows how to stir his long wooden spoon in my pot, and lick the plate clean, I have no qualms love. Have a great day love.

      The Gifted One

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