Autumn Equinox 2018


I riff flecked about thee august

Autumn Equinox 2018,

this polymath learned why,

September Equinox

will be at 9:54 PM,

which spoiler alert thy

learned (courtesy Google),

when Or Sun Wells

crosses celestial equator

i.e. (imaginary line in sky

above Earth's Equator

from north to south), a quiet rye

hit moment occurs

Saturday September 22nd, 2018

(at 9:54 PM Eastern

Time) marks onset


of apple cider

and pumpkin pie

a distinct golden jacketed

matted palette well nigh

paints arboreal swath, sans

quiet riot of brilliant

color, that doth belie

rampant terrestrial, unreal,


and venal degradation aye

temporarily turning a (third)

blind eye apathetically, blithely,

and conveniently shunting aside

eyesore fissured gash - wide

cleft wound, where hide

ding away from

global abuse decried

as feeble effort

ignoring doth decide

fate i.e. as does wrecking,

where precious resources espied

snubbing, and thumbing nose

(figuratively) asper dead

serious portentous desperate

(falling on deaf ears) plea chide


dismissively mocking (bird

den some) prophesying,

whence creator cried

alarming, blaring, and clanging

sounding Doomsday Clock,

where ambivalence unheeded

scathing tragic miss guide

did exploitative testament,


where survival of fittest tried

to the max, viz (courtesy

of Homo sapiens)

as Mother Nature dost allied

flora and fauna espied

comprising vibrant biosphere

each betrothed nsync, and guide

ding generic hominids shrugging


(Atlas sized fountain head)

off beholden hide

bound wedded bliss

to the other,

this observer awestruck,

sans whirled, wide webbed biota

adorns terra firmae analogous,

qua expectant wedded bride

named Gaia – resplendent

raiment adorned playfully chide,

when (dark and Stormy Dan

yells) Armageddon

legatee - time ran

out for Homo sapiens meaning...


salvation to late for human

knit tee, cuz field day, sans

grim reaper will

glory in field day

whar cross bones

numb skull pay fealty.


  • Author: rew4er2nail (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 21st, 2018 11:11
  • Category: Nature
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