The Gifted One

Tattered Angel

I came to earth to consume the sins

After the ten commandments has been given, my story begins

Yet, not nailed on a cross

Each piece of my skin tattered for society’s loveless lose

My flesh as an Angel one can adore

For every sinful occurrence, I must aid as earth’s guarantor

My beloved beings, a soft piece of my skin rips for

Your agony Your pain

More slashes of skin, as hate continues to rain

Look at me, who do you see

A Heavenly Angel, until your sins became the life of me

My skin slowly falls

As you pray for mercy, my guardianship hears your calls

As the whips of life strikes, I’ll take the scars of its need

Through the starvation, the earthly greed

Thank the Heavenly Father my skin doesn’t earthly bleed

Hopefully, love will always succeed

As you are praying on your knees

If not, my skin takes the strife

An emollient of protection to soothe the impurity elements within your life

Tattered and Battered

Your tears to me, as I dry them, yes, they do matter

That whispering voice you may hear

When my skin aches for you to adhere my dear

My tattered skin weeps for your fears

So, listen with a keen ear

My skin tatters for all tears

My skin is ordained and blessed by God’s grace

No colors, no particular face

My skin tatters for every race

Therefore, the next time, when you think of doing wrong

Just remember this Angel’s beautiful tattered skin song

The stars, the moon, the earth

Through the cosmic rebirth

Angels among us, as they roam

Assurance to this world’s existence we are never alone

As long as there’s an Angel’s tattered skin to atone


  • fuche_bu

    Now I feel guilty. I don't want others to suffer for my sins.

    • The Gifted One

      Aww…baby that was so sweet to say. I do not think the latter applies to you, we are from the city of Brotherly Love, and I am giving you a dose of my sweet sisterly affection. Thanks for reading love. Have a great day as well.

      The Gifted One

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