Sen Nomo

A Parting

I write a tale of love lost hell, a spell of misery

Twelve years ago began this road, a trove of history

So young our start we gave our hearts, to part unwillingly

But in my dreams a replayed theme, it seemed ‘twas not to be

I set her free to live to be, to see life without me

Regret to cause this endless pause, my walls too high to flee

Thoughts of our time possess my mind, I find no rest in sleep

I wake with dread to leave my bed, I’m dead and yet I breathe

No mercy sought no pain is fought, I ought to feel this fee

Possess no right to stop to fight, the night that falls on me

My pained contrast to change the past, this lasting memory

She took my hand and from the tram, we ran accross the street

So as I write into the night, I fight my only need

A brilliant star she travels far, and farther still from me

I hope she finds her travels kind, and lined with many things

To fill her heart and mend at par, the part which was for we

Someday I know I will grow old, and cold winters will bring

Thoughts of the love I let go of, the dove that I set free

Yet still I weep the tears that seep, and keep a silent plea

That when she feels she’s had her fill, she will return to me

  • Author: Sen Nomo (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 23rd, 2018 13:13
  • Category: Sad
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