Windows to your soul they say,

Green as the grass and blue as the day,

Brown as the earth and dark as the night,

Sparkling with unearthly light.

Ticking back and fourth to watch the world pass by,

Illusions being created on the fly, 

More like holes in our masks,

Clutching the neck of a broken flask.

Circles of color swallowed by pupils,

Staggering around in a sick kind of ritual,

Attempting to patch the tear in our guise,

Hiding from every pair of eyes.

Lonely as the moon and angry as the sun,

Emotional as a raging river and bitterly numb.

Cover your face and don’t look back,

Don’t let your perfect facade crack.

Two round windows looking into your mind,

Swirling with words in such a small place confined,

Hiding just beneath two pretty colored orbs, 

Doing nothing as horrors are being absorbed.

Your demons peering out,

At a world so painfully loud,

Scratching at the barriers of your head,

Everything will be alright they said,

It will fix itself they promised,

Their own eyes proving them dishonest.

Truth hides in those cracked and broken windows,

Just beyond the dust and haunting echos,

If only they took the time to study,

Sonething other then what they think is lovely.






  • Author: Spitfire (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 23rd, 2018 22:20
  • Category: Gothic
  • Views: 15


  • MissileOfUncertainty

    Wow this is literally perfection. Amazing!


    • Songbird

      Thank you so much MoU!!

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