The Gifted One

Rush Of The Fallen Wind

Rush of the fallen wind

Lay upon the bosom where curvature softly bends

Echoes of silence ears listen unend

Speak of ill wills a wise presence must contend

Misperception and turmoil seize resistance of a heart

Adoration once molded, is the mind’s sculptured work of art

Heaven plays the beautiful melodies of its bassoon

Enrapture of the galaxy, arrested pathway to the moon

Reassurance of loving words as love crested and claimed

You held me tighter as you bathed inside my inner rain

Slipping and dipping, your pearly release freed

Two sedated bodies blissful as can be

A place where our spirits entwined as passions were set free

Loving one another as far as the eyes could see

Dagger wounds bleeds a heart in exile

Discontent footprints marked by miles

Stand in unity soothe thy self`

Words spilled from the mouth, gifts of the heart, is life’s sincerest test

Dark clouds claps in glee where smiles once roamed and reside

Blinded by the rain and a sinking high tide

Lightning bolts illuminates an existence sheltered in the sky

Sands of time slips away peacefully without delays or whys

Remain resilient, as the day is ordained, breaths to survive of living

Found in the eyes of self journey once a heart of stone is forgiven



  • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

    Your words of wisdom in poetic form are impressive, and the thoughts of the heart extremely romantic.

    Great job! :)

    • The Gifted One

      Why thank you Tamara, for taking the time to read and then adding a favorable comment. Have a great evening as well.

      The Gifted One

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