Winter Blight - Frostbite

I fear the razor’s edge,

Of a cold Winter’s night.

As the shadows close in,

I seek but light.

It burns with little flame,

The last ember in me.

I’ve lost this war,

Adrift at sea.

My sight fades,

I’m blind to the light’s last call.

I reach one final time,

But I cannot conquer this frigid wall.

Akin to a needle's sting,

A hair raising sensation.

It isn’t quite pain.

But an alluring temptation.

My heart alone to me, utters a sweet song,

Bidding me to stay, though I must go.

For I feel such harmony,

Among the falling snow.


  • Shi no hakobi te

    Not a bad poem, Jinx. I love the symbolism you use. Keep up the good work!

    • Mene

      Thanks, you're commentary is always appreciated Shi.

      • Shi no hakobi te

        Any time :)

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