I'm rising from what looked
to be a destined fall.
That seemed too zeal
the shrub of slob in my tears.
for everytime my mind
shared her lust with my heart.
the gain was only pain I've had framed.
for when lost became love,
and night's were anything but nice.
the sky's kept the blue,
and the winds blew away with the light.
tucking away the day of night.
as my thoughts pass
through walkways,
and sidewalks,
and walls.
all in all always projecting
samples of her beaut,
by marking her ways
in all floors and sky's.
through the night of days
and cries that will never die.
showing clips
but keeping the shadows,
and leaving the shame
to puncture me in blaming flames.
while I embalm the days
were she made confectionery
of my imagination,
with her sweet confessions
and dulce love making.
were it became
something of an inticement.
for it brought seconds of glory
and then the remaining
of forever time in Fury,
and bit by bit fleckie pieces
of my heart falling
cold to the floors.
becoming old with the unknown.
were one day ill bed my end.
and catch up to my falling puzzles
that through life i scattered
and left me dazzled.
i tear because they were the things
that matter.
her heart became her distance and the emotion more and more aberrant.
and it's avowal truth
had bane our love.
now in acts of drain
and no rain too wash it away.
and most obvious was of devious.
inrreversible stain
for a mind in prosaic.
and been the one too blame.
And then my fame came,
when crumbling took aim
watching a soul carry
my name in disdain.
and shoving my spirit in shame.
when just yesterday
i was tasting peach.
from a now spiting out chewed leach.
and ruled by tomorrow despic legacy.
her visual aspect one's ravishing
now dissolving and enlighten.
the idea of ends in flames
had me air bound with no sound.
there was no solution
but death too attain
the wetless rain,
from exacerbating the moment.
and growing barks in dark.
for what I was allowing
and swalling
detailing evrey tear
from biggining cheer.
I was ready to vomit comits
on stubborn for killing
all we had Borned in summit.
But how could i safe the useless.
with out dragging bitterness.
and living in antithesis.

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