Difficulties of Change

Seems like just yesterday you woke up with the right woman by your side and the kids running into the room, now you have to wake up by yourself cause it all ended to soon, trying to figure out where things went wrong, putting memories on repeat like your listening to the same song, seems like when 2018 came in was the end of relationships as if it was a new trend but deep down you really knew you never wanted it to end, you knew deep down you still think about those good days when y’all would sit outside and watch the kids play, y’all would go get food from the Jamaicans on the days you got paid, seems like 2018 made people forget how to love, like we forgot how to treat that one individual God blessed us with from up above, back in the day I remember when everybody had “relationship goals” now everyone just has  a “mood”, so you’d rather sleep with someone and be forgotten rather than be cherished help me figure this out cause maybe I misunderstood, but that’s the new trend now, to most might seem normal to me it’s kinda strange, but I guess that comes with the difficulties of change


  • Medusx

    What's really sad is that this is so true.

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