The Gifted One

Sex With Me Is So Amazing

Sex with me is so amazing
Hey, I’m just Paraphrasing
However, I was listening to the artist, Rihanna singing this song
As the song kept plugging along
Not meaning to come on too strong
With respect do not get me wrong
I’ve often wondered, is sex of the body more powerful than sex of the mind
And no, I do not have a feminist ax to grind
I will choose my words on this topic and remain kind
Well, at best that I can
From my perspective related to this issue between woman and man
Making love to the female body its erotic, it’s pleasurable, and certainly it’s thrilling
But once nature’s release has been prefilled
The mind needs a dose of endorphins to be instilled
Are you still with me on that concept
I’m speaking for me who needs the combined effect
With someone capable of emotional grazing
Blind dates, we talk about our passions or dreams
Clothes still on, however, he gets what you mean
Do we take this night one step farther
We slept together
Heated and passionate under silk covers, yet, he knew nothing about the weather
We were definitely birds of a different feather
His arms were not even that strong
His brain got duller as the night prolonged
Sometimes is not all about trailblazing
Computer Dating
Keyboard translating
Breathless words of debate
Soulful elate
No physical contact to rate
But wait
You can type on computer keys from sunrise to sunset
If you cannot be bipartisan with words than you can’t articulate
A break to give since we’ve just met
Between you and me it’s now mental Russian Roulette
Spinning my mind landing on red
Keep your mouth closed as you lay in my bed
Enticing words danced across my screen
Pulling me in was all a squandered dream
We’ll never again experience emotions under the covers
Erotic of no analytical bonding from a distance lover
Once again, a horse of another color
In the midst of me praising you as our eyes are glazing
One night stands
First of all, you’re taking your life into your own hands
No commands
Sedated and scented juices mingling of its passion galore
Lust filled desires and so much more
No demands
Talking on the go, and making no sense, well I be damn
What a waste of a slam bam and thank you ma’am
Mental sex on the brain I know it may sound insane
But my God, it makes me rain
Intellectual simulations have always been such a turn on
Take me to task and then I’m far gone
Rainbow coalitions
I do not have any petitions
Never in favor of anyone’s competitions
Just me, my words, and I
Reaching for that academic all time high
Coming at you as I’m cumming with you
The next morning, I would have told you a thing or two
Something old or maybe something new
It all depends on if I’ve pitied a fool
Not my game, not in my arms
Not fooled by undercover charms
Capture my mind until the ringing of my alarm
Wow, did we really just talk all night long
Arms were very strong, your mind kept me warm while we discussed society’s storms
One night stands
Never with an intelligent man
He needs a briefcase or a blueprint plan
He could execute with his own mind
On his own time
Using his own dime
Then he’s ready for my mind
No prophylactics needed
Once you gyrate my mind you’ve succeeded
Feeding me words from the depths of your cerebral cortex to the powers that be
Lightening my mind up like a Christmas tree
Now you got me down on my knees
Thanking you, as I please
Was it good for you as it was for me
Mind now resting in a dreamy phase, body has now been thoroughly praised
Here comes the aftermath of sweet melodies to conversations
Moaning out all kinds of pronunciations
French words with exclamations
Giving me perceptual palpitations
From the knowledge of head ministrations
Climbing the psychological throne once again
While whispering words in my ear as my mind adheres
Once mental energy has been locked in
Slow dancing, and then a thrusting rush as we begin
Words of revelations
Taking my mind beyond the constellations
To the height of my glorious crown
I’ve created, rested, and now the essence of my intellect is winding down
Mental capacity has once again been meticulously interrogated
Hearts of the minds now segregated
Sweet words whispered to your male ego, minds blazing
Perceptual notations moving inside of me
Bending me over, as you lick up and down my womanly creed
A passionate quick kiss as your mind sinks into my intellectual abyss
From my mind to your fathom lips
Seductively gyrating my hips
Raising the nature of your hard dick
Love and Hugs
Soft tongue bathing your body, massage oil, and caressing rubs

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