The Gifted One

Losing Beautiful Control

Losing control

One love two stalwart souls

Strayed in the wind, residue from falling rain, no umbrella for the heart

Emotions now requiring a jumpstart

Whispers found unto another

No warmth found under fleece covers

Silk caressed, with wool regrets

Made my heart at one time softly melt

Emotions kissed my presence, my mind have come to felt

Silence, no presence, reality has dealt

Closing my eyes, caressing echoes heard from afar

Extended ladder past the clouds, pass the stars

Allow love to reign my handsome man from Mars

Paradise on earth, as thy kingdom come

Wet kisses to my skin dried by the scorching sun

Blowing dust in the present, ghost touches defining my creed

Imagination of your body fulfilling my sultry needs

Attuned pleasures awaiting the sinking tease

Cascade of silken rainfall of its fervent greed

All poetry have beautiful words

A soaring Red Cardinal tweets to an enthralled Blue Jay Bird

I hear your roar

Tears from Heaven softy pours

Gentle echoes I tenderly hear

My heart, I give unto you, have no fear

Such sweet melodies play in my ear

Do you hear me not cry

Ribbons of reminisce dancing in the sky

Grasps of borrowed time

Allowed by God’s designs

Spread my wings allow me to fly

Man, asunder as we entwine our souls in the majestic sky

Rest of minds once again under covers

As you fly away again, heart to heart, our minds we come to smoother

Blindfold on, peeps of wicked sins

Losing beautiful control

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