"Earth Angel"


The devil finds his laughter in darkness

He curses the whole human race

He enters my mind and suddenly starts this

Nightmare don’t cover my face

But maybe it's all just connected

The greeks and the Gods of the sky

The angels are idols resurrected

To watch over you and I

The day you had lost your footing

And fell face first into the ice

The angel of karma was the one who had tripped you

Because earlier you weren’t acting so nice.

The levels of hell may break at a stone's throw

Just as long as your hand holds the rock

And the devil he shakes when the winds blow

His patience a sideways set clock

The long hand a sharply cut wire

Scraping the sides of the glass

The short hand a sparkler on fire

Preventing the time now to pass.

The angels they do what they have to

To keep you in shape here on earth

The questions they wearily ask you

Keep your nose up off of the dirt.

May God upon you mercy

For the fools who aim only to abuse

If you dare to carelessly hurt me

I pray you don’t get blood on your shoes

They say my angel was a smoker

Lost a bet in god's cheap game

The earth had humbly broke her

She couldn’t remember her name

But now she stands by my side

Her wings as white as the snow

In her my life may abide

To heaven or hell I pray I might go

My earth angel I praise you

Till God decides it time to raise you

And find someone else like me


  • Author: AlinaVanderson (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 29th, 2018 20:36
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