Lost. ( short story )


My bare feet tread on the wet and muddy leaves, my toes curling them into smaller version of themselves. The light of the moon illuminates the path i'm following, with no real destination in mind, I follow it into the darkness, installing all my trust in this unknown pathway.

I look up and you're there, you're looking at me, or you're looking through me, I'm unsure of which one. My steps slow down, until i'm at a complete halt. I scream your name, and the breeze carries my bellows through each and every narrow tree until the sound of my screams return and echo into my own ears. You don't move a muscle, you just continue to stare forwards in my direction. I move my foot in front of the other, taking an small step closer, the cold moist ground below morphing around my feet, leaving a temporary footstep in place. I stare down at my feet, and watch the moss stain the tips of my toes.

" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! " I roar, and as I look up, I see nothing but the sun now, being swallowed by the waves that frantically lap over my head. The taste of salt consumes my throat and the cold rush of water hits off my lungs as I open my mouth to scream for help. My brain can't focus, well it can, but only on the panic I'm feeling.
I'm laying on the edge of the shore now, and as I blink my erratically trying to focus on what is casting such a shadow over my body, I see your sympathetic eyes staring down but not at me.

" Why are you doing this?" I beg, spluttering and coughing as the oceans water makes a dash for exit as I open my mouth. You don't answer me, you just continue with your stare as you have been doing the entire time. I close my eyes and my head collapses back into the damp sand, fatigued and drained from the trauma, I have just experienced.

I open my eyes, and I'm in hazy meadow, still laid out on my back but alot drier this time. Dandelion seeds float over head, being pushed futher by the momentum of passing butterflies. I steady myself as I raise to my feet, scanning my eyes also steadily around the perimetre, trying to seek you out. In the distance, a rainbow stretches conformatably across the sky making itself at home, and the low setting sun casts a magic golden glow across the meadow. I study my surroundings more, a glorious expanse of the most healthiest grass and the fresh smell of natures greatest creations. I tread through the riot of colour, looking in every direction,searching for you.

You're in the corner, sat under a tall oak tree, cascaded by the glistening light of whats left of the day, your skin illuminated and curls gently swaying in the summer evening breeze. You sit carelessly, at peace, with a book in hand, almost unaware of the beautiful scenery that surrounds us.You alwaus did love to read. I scream your name again, praying this time you notice me. Purple thistles bowed down around you, as if they were admiring you just like me. I shout your name softer this time, not wanting to upset the balance of such a beatiful scene. You don't hear it, or if you do, you don't acknowledge it.

I'm growing closer to you with every step, I start to smell that familiar aftershave humble my nose over the suffocating smell of poppies and daffodils. I place myself down next to you, complete silence except the sound of our out of sync breathing. I place my hand on yours, as you try to turn another page, still as ever enthralled in your book.

The meadow dissapears from around us, and in its place are clouds of all different shapes and sizes. I investigate the new place I find myself in, but see nothing but clouds and feel nothing but a small chill nipping at whats exposed of my skin. My hot air balloon bobs gently through the air, and I catch a glimpse of you again, in your own balloon, taking in the scenery. You've never been a fan of heights, but you have a look of wonder and enjoyment painted on your face that seems genuine.

I try to scream your name again, this time desperate for your attention, but no noise follows my notion. My overwhelming need to be noticed by you only grows by discovering I can no longer shout and I throw my arms into the air, waving them turbulently, yearning for the euphoric feeling that hits me when you notice I'm near by. Your voice echos through my head, teasing my subconcious with things you might say to me if you knew I was there. My balloon seems to slow down when it comes within a certain distance to yours, but I can see you at all times, even if you're just a sillouhette at the other side of a cloud, I can feel your presence. I try to shout your name again, still throwing my arms around, and again, no sound follows. My throat tingles and aches as I try and try again to scream out your name met time and time again with the dissapointment realization that I can no longer speak.

Tears sting my cheeks as they race to my chin and fall off the edge, and with every stray tear that escapes, the stream down my cheeks get heavier and fuller. My balloon finally crosses the distance barrier, and our baskets float through the skies side by side. I let my arms fall to my side, silently admitting defeat, if you can't see me now, you never will. That same look of wonder is still on your face, but my sadness must radiate and effect you, I can see a tears building a glossy wall over your eyes.

The headlights of a car flash around the corner, and my feet are back on concrete ground. The rain is beating at my umbrella, beating like it's intent is to bring it down. Your stood at the other side of the road, this time your feet peak over the edge of pavement, you can see me, you've finally been allowed to notice me. The absence of reality thats been unsettling from the start dissapears from my thoughts, and my only true emotion is the feeling of being content. You're holding out your hand for me, cars are forced to swerve out of their lane in order to avoid hitting off your arm. I am surrounded by comfort, and cushioned with love. My audible sigh could be heard from heaven, you can see me. You can really see me.
The wind rips the umbrella clean from my hands, pulling it up into the air and out of sight, and then the hurricane like rain suddenly stops. I tilt my head back, and examine the skies, nothing is making sense anymore.

The clouds are back and as fluffy as ever, and sun is already getting on with the task of drying out the ground below. I can each individual rain drop being vacuumed back up, revealing a cleaner and lighter concrete pavement. My name rings in my ears, and I focus my attention back to him, now making his way across the road to me, finally calling out my name to me for once.
My heart feels heavy, and I can't comprehend why it might, and my thoughts start to drown in anxiety and fear. Sorrow over takes my body, I'm mourning. I have no idea what I'm mourning. I glance across at him, where he once stood and see nothing but flashes of red and blue. I can hear crying, shrieks loud enough to install me with terror and fright, there my screams but I'm not even moving. People rush past me, run through me, like I'm not there... My body feels weightless, but my heart feels heavy. I know this road, I've been here. I cry out your name, choking back on my tears. I cannot see you now, I cannot even feel that you are near.

I wake up atlast, paralysed by my emotions, and the blink over and over again, trying to clear my mind. I look up at my closet, and examine the closest coat hanger. A neatly pressed black dress swings delicately from the light morning breeze my ajarred window lets in. I can hear muttering downstairs, it sounds like 100 different quiet voices. I bolt to my window, still confused as to what is real and what's not, praying I'm not lost in some alternate reality. I see cars scampered out for miles, a ocean of different models and makes, and I stream of people making their to my front door in head to toe black.

I'm numb and confused, as I make my way down the steps. " I'm sorry for your loss.." people mutter as I pass, looking me up and down with the sympathetic eyes. My eyes flutter as I look up to see, your face one more time, but this time just a photographed canvas hanging on the wall, with a wall of people surrounding your smile and weeping and consoling each other as they take you in.

  • Author: G F L (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 30th, 2018 18:41
  • Comment from author about the poem: I had a ago at trying to write a short story, about loss & letting go on loved ones. I know it’s not poetry. But I just want some honest opinions and to see how it goes down.
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