To fall in Love

There is sweetness and glamour

Furnished on your lips that taste

Like honey. Your tenderness is corrupt

That I have known your wine to calm

Me in my life. You are difficult to understand

And hard to please. You dislike one and love

Another that never satisfies you in life.

You hunger for love that despoils you

Becoming more disorganised in your life.

You have hated me whom has been in search

Of your tender love jewels.

You have decorated your face with lipstick and smeared

Your self with perfume as your need to attract me

To your bedchambers which have seen plentiful a men

Your pleasure is my torment being uneasy to love me

No man has satisfied you and you have an insatiable

Desire to find plentiful of fruit in your storehouses of food.

You hold no man as a genuine gift of love

Your love is like falling rain from the heavens.

You are guilty of your sex and me too.

You like exposing yourself in public

Your beauty can't restore peace of the world

Your beauty is a treasure trove of love

There are many gifts to your name to offer men

Goodness and mercy are all yours.

You hunger and thirst for love

That spreads throughout the world.

You like giving less and receiving more

Take your love to the altar of love.


  • Author: Solomon (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 1st, 2018 09:42
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • MissileOfUncertainty

    I felt like I was transported back to a simpler time. Like I was in the middle ages or something like that. It was an enthralling and interesting write. Thank you for sharing.

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