The Gifted One

Locked Out

In the hunt for hidden treasures, riches of golden pleasures
The map compass is sending me on a journey I started early this morning
Been all over the world, gathering mysteries, rested my head in third world countries, adopting their histories
We take so many things for granted we have in our sole possession
Laborer of hands, cut off for conflict diamonds, mines patrolled and controlled by government given weapons
Children’s faces of silent tears, village raids hidden from fears
You ask me why I choose to say, I once nursed unto presence, held hands as I quietly prayed
The arrival of UNICEF or Red Cross mission, its wondrous assisting salvation
Rice, beans, cholera murky water, pestilences, daily starvation

In America, we want, comforted by our needs
Do you ever take the moment to think someone else’s heart bleeds
It weeps for peace
Dominated by a strong hold in the Middle East
It cries out for the land to replenish
No seeds sown, land cracked and diminished
Tusks of elephants hunted in jungles as they roam, this heartless concept does hit home

Poachers aiming no more they stand
Now considered Smuggled Ivory Contraband
Safari eyes have seen in the motherland
Those piano keys
Blood Ivory Tusks that plays such sweet melodies
Pictures of the people, the villages, a long-distance heartfelt romance
Midwives, flies, propaganda lies, riddles the lands

How could I close my eyes to memories of missionary relief
Strange occurrences, crooked political system with no guided spiritual beliefs
I may write as a sexy dame, however, remembrance of Soweto’s villages of tin
Beautiful names behind smiles of origin
Nurse duties advised, not to judge, turn a blind eye in time
Skin pigmentation, not aged like fine wine
A forgotten country, citizens living among, mud, poor educational system, hunger, and flies

Exploited on television, Haiti allowed me to spread my wings, set me free to be me
So much work still to do in Africa, not by one’s hands
Donations among any natural disaster falling short to deliver to woman or man
Locked out, eyes to heaven as I’ve looked up
Suburban privileges not sipped from everyone’s cup

Separatism, it tried
Multicultural, with still privileged prying eyes
Albino grief as said, gives wealth, good luck, not sin
Taken from mother’s arms killed for the color of their skin
Witch Doctors unethical Healers
Trafficking body parts like Tanzania organ dealers

I wish we all could live as one and the same
The Ten Commandments should have condemned to hell by names
Who really does no wrong
On that theory I could go on all night long
From the preacher to the teacher
Can’t we all just get along
Then again, it’s no longer echoed as a world peaceful song
That concept died by skin tone alone

This poem came to me
While praying on my knees
Asking forgiveness of American’s sins
Taking the burdens back to its origin as this creation could begin once again
Replaced now with worldly peace
Things of importance such as technology will be decreased
Talking to one another with receptive intentions will be increased
Locked out
Beyond a shadow of a doubt
Locked out of what
The divine answers uncut

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