Who am I
                                to try to burn a path
                through the sands of time and purpose
       every grain is a moment
    almost a breath
 they stick to me long after I’ve left the dunes
 I carry the remnants
   some memories I wish to hold on to forever
         others are nightmares I pray to forget
                         I’m covered head to toe
                                       they clothe me
                                                they create me
                                if I shake some may fall away
                but new moments will fill the vacancies
           forever I am changing
        forever I play in the dust  
  and when my bones no longer carry my soul
 and my spirit finds a home
      I will fall away
          I will make up the sands of time and purpose
                       where I will live once again
                                     when there is even a whisper of my name

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  • Published: October 2nd, 2018 15:54
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