It Follows

Death follows me,

Let your tears fall into the empty sea.

Fancy a dance with fate?

Your silenced sleep awaits.

My own storm lurks above,

Gracefully dull, the darkest dove.

Blanketed in ashy broken dreams,

Shattered hopes and unheard screams.

Calm before disaster strikes,

Eternity and agony alike.

Close your eyes and wish it away,

But still the nightmare seems to stay.

Death follows me,

A shadow so dark, yet only I can see.

Your heart will be devoured be fear,

So I beg you, don't come near.





  • Theta the scholar

    The calm before the deadliest storm, great job & keep it up

    • Mene

      Thanks, your commentary is always appreciated. ^^
      - Jinxy

    • Goldfinch60

      Death follows all of us but it can be held back for many years, live life to the full.

      • Mene

        Thanks for taking the time to read, your commentary is appreciated. ^^

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