Drops pouring down to the floor,

pounding on every window and door

You wake up to a distant roar of thunder


Don't fight it off, just let it in

Feel each drop as it hits your skin,

the laughing lightning, the whipping wind

They're all just




and you know

the ones who doubt you will never win


It's cold outside

but it's alright

You're still dry (enough)

And besides,

There's so much beauty in a storm


  • orchidee

    Opps this has all appeared in Greek. Something to do with the uploading maybe. I can translate it - take a while though!

    • Medusx

      Greek?! That's definitely not right. It's showing up as English for me though, maybe something got messed up with your language settings?

    • orchidee

      Also - I'm guessing it's not a weird poem!

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