You Were Bought With A Price

Did you know that it is impossible,
to sell one's soul.
You are either,
in bondage to the devil,
or you belong to the Lord.
Still, it is possible,
to become so deep in sin,
so embedded,
that you will not want to leave.
we were all bought with a price.
Christ gave himself up,
so that everyone,
may have a way out of sin.
No where in the Bible,
does it say,
a person can,
or a person did,
sell their soul.
Still, even Christians,
believe one can.
We must do more,
than read the Word.
We must study the Word.
So Essau traded his birthright,
for a simple pot of stu.
Foolish? Yes...
Still, Essau was never,
a man of faith,
and he did not trade his soul.
Did God hate Essau,
or did He curse his tribe?
So the devil tempted Christ,
by saying, 'bow down,
and these kingdoms are yours'.
Can we use that arguement?
Who is Christ but Christ?
Then there was Judas.
He gave up the Lord,
for thirty pieces of silver.
Then being filled with devil,
he then committed suicide.
Had he asked for forgiveness,
would the Lord have not forgiven him?
Of course he would.
No one is perfect.
That is why Christ died for us.
Even those with salvation,
sometimes stumble.
The power of Christ,
is stronger than any grip,
the devil may have on you.
Still, once you have truly accepted Christ,
into your heart,
you are His forever.

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