Theta the scholar

Soft storm

The element of you


Theta was here, he watched a storm form, the storm was a acquaintance and the storm greeted him with a smile


  • Be like water my dear friend

Greet the anger let it in

  • Invite a storm let it become your sap

Show its desire let it succumb to your trap

  • For all these emotions yet you are still mad

But look at time we were born in so please become glad

  • A drop from our parents into a cup to be seen

We are all unique pools surely you must believe

  • Ignore the hate and hostility of others around you

But do remind them at times the anger inside you is true

  • For water can crash and it can flow

It can drown someone in sorrow or make a beautiful tree grow

  • For if you harness anger it will begin to form

For you have tamed it and now can control a storm

  • For we are all an ocean with a mind of its own

For we all are water watch us crash and watch us flow



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