Now or never

the sounds of silly
and mouths of ably
soon will make child cry.
because one of both forgot to try.
men or man you choose
who dint say bye.
the world and it's toys
one day will stop bringing joy
to girls and boys.
the sad and all dads will turn bad
because we stopped been glad.
the hearts always looking
through glass.
and or souls skipping
on necessary mass.
no feet will ever walk in grass.
all bread will become dread
it's in the bible but know one read.
and men wearing dress
just too relief stress.
enchanting to more mess.
women will sound like men,
and stop giving birth.
because of fear
of that never ending curse
of hers.
were men are them
and Men are women
but with no shame.
the rain will fill our stomachs
with unholy feedings.
now we all grow feelings.
the sun will warm
but only the creatures.
the real parenting teachers.
just to teach us real creature's.
the days will run
with waves and wave,
and we won't wave back.
because we lack truth
wen they have right
too turn there backs.
femenim men bend
next to musculan women
and end of no innocence
your child will attend.
The world will stop standing us.
so burn your chairs
forget about supporting us.
Remember it's been always
reminding just us.
think Recollect and recommit
make our blessing feel appreciated.
before we wrong to initiate.
the growth of lost in disrespectful cost.

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