Philip Daniel Cook

Eden Not So Lost

Humanity dreaming out machines in their images.

But what definition we create is only our projections.

We are a fabled illusion trapped on a blue dot.

Dreaming.....always dreaming.....

that one day will return to....

That animal Eden we used to be,

ignorant and brave.

Only if we could dream a different

world, a different specie or better

yet awake from it.


Eden where we can be as the

animals of the land.


The crafts of light brought us the gift 


death and fear was born.

We are only vessels, for

our written code, in generations

last. Castles of men, better left 

in ruins we read our abiding chaos 

in order we design in robots and machines

to obey. We learn it's not too much to see

we doom our ancestors to dreams.


Man created God in our own image.

We are alone, and this planet is ours to have.


So in our creations, we created destruction.

In destruction we saw creation. And planned 

out our declarations, we are not as different 

as the ape. But some men turned away......

from Eden, we are not naked and pure anymore.

Knowledge is now stained as we tasted it.

Evolution. We are perfect in ignorance,

people would say better off as the animal.





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