My First

A soft whimper as a tear rolls down her cheek

’hush little one’, confident once but now so meek

‘I just want to see your body’, with my finger I trace

’come closer’, holding her deeply within my warm embrace.


Each passing minute, is one breath less

imagining the softness, as I remove her dress

a moment of wonder soon turns pure jubilation 

as I gaze upon the most beautiful girl in all creation. 


The skies getting darker, the days nearly done

nobody can see us, there’s no one to shun

beneath the stars, still, she lay there bare 

her eyes green like jade, her hair so fair.


This is just the start, this is my beginning 

like others before me, there is always shame in sinning

I have come to the conclusion, I have quenched my thirst

for I was her last but she was my first.

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