Life changing.

You may see me struggle
Might have seen me fall
Forever what reason
I will stand tall

Life changing moments
Help me realize
Life can change in seconds
I just need to open my eyes

Living can be tough
It’s actually a little strange
But for better or for worst
Everything can change

I saw a whole year
Locked up in a pin
But I’m happy I’m not
And now my real life will begin

My life flashed before me
I can miss a lot
But this opened my eyes
It helped me change my thought

I will love this life
I will enjoy every moment
Give anything and everything
A hundred and ten percent

I need to learn
I’ve Accepted it in my brain
That I need to be happy
And grow from all the aches pain

I want more pain and suffering
I challenge myself for more
To grow and help me succeed
And be my own mentor

Tonight helped me realize
Tonight opened up the door
There’s nothing I want
Nothing more to ask for.

I will be a better me
Inside and out
I love myself
I will have no more self doubt


  • Andrew Charles Forrest

    Nice explained D sounds a hard period glad you came through
    Get stronger every day

  • Christina8

    This is an excellent read, I am glad you came out better and stronger for the experience. A very positive write from you. I like that!

    • Dysthymia

      Been awhile since I’ve posted, but still writing. Thank you though

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