I Like Candy Corn, But Not Halloween

I love pumpkin spice lattes,

and I love candy corn.

October let's me know,

that Thanksgiving will be here in the morn'.

I love the autumn breeze.

The air is so fresh and clear.

It is just the right temperature,

to let me know that winter is near.

The leaves are so beautiful,

as they fall, children play.

So I ask, "How can such,

a beautiful month,

have such a horrible day".

It's one day in paticular,

when the devil puts up his strongest fight.

It is a when witches,

and those who serve him,

all come out at night.

It is litteraly sugarcoated,

with costumes, games, and sweets,

and sadly even some churches throw parties,

saying, 'It keeps them off the streets'.

Still, it is not to be taken lightly.

Real evil happens on this day.

That is why,

we Christians must pray,

and keep the devil at bay.

Still, as I said before,

October is a beautiful month.

So stay inside,

and eat pumpkin pie,

when Halloween comes.



  • orchidee

    Yes, it's the eve of Hallowmas - All Saints Day. As if the devils, etc have a final fling maybe! Yet churches have 'Light Parties' in contrast to the darkness of Halloween, which they hate.

    • ForeverJesus6

      Regardless, churches should not partake in anything that has to do with it's traditions. It is sending a message to the younger kids, saying that there is nothing wrong with Halloween. Thank you for commenting.
      Persistence is key

      • orchidee

        I would say that churches that do have 'Light Parties' are saying that Halloween is wrong. They don't dress up in horrible masks or dark clothing, etc there.

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      • FineB

        Thanks Dion,

        For an interesting reflection on Halloween.

        That film Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis always frightens me after all these years.

        But God always is the eternal victorious light over evil!

        Keep writing

      • vanabba3

        Hmmmm, Halloween. Well, you know I wrote my first poem Beware! About this very same topic.... however as in my poem, it's every day of the year not just Oct 31 that people should fear... if you look at all the major crimes against people and children, none of them happen to fall on October 31st...?

        • ForeverJesus6

          Do not be so sure of that. In fact, I will say on the contrary. Still, I am sure you understand the point I am making.
          Persistence is key

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