Generation Of Weeds

I am not saying,

a sinful world is new,

as generations before me

have committed wicked things.

Yet, as the population grows,

so does it's sin.

As the young grows up Godless,

unknowing in truth,

they come of age,

and advance in wickedness.

They are doers of the devil.

They are weeds,

trying to choke the remnants of Christ -

those who carry out his word.

Still, although vigilant, I do not worry.

Soon, harvest season will come.

Those who are,

of the Lord's kingdom,

will be pulled from the weeds.

Then the weeds will be burned.

As for now,

we must continue,

to push through this

generation of weeds.





  • orchidee

    'Tis so. And the weeds are not going to go until the harvest, in case any of the good wheat gets pulled up with them.

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