chris frank

Anca’s Story

Like golden sunshine, like clear white moon beams

falling, dropping through autumn trees, 

Love falls through seasons, tumbling on. 

In hearts still growing it shines like diamonds

Bound across a sapphire blue band. 


The bed is theirs but not their own

Their hands together, yet still fit with others, 

The lovers, their names, are whispered in the dark.

Within their walls their happiness has no limit 

Within their hearts there is no equal  


The girl her beauty is beyond a dream,

Her soul untouched, a life forged of fire and ice, 

But time is short, her hands they hold back the tide.  

Their life together now must become more than verse 

If they take the pen, a story is waiting for them to write


I love you Anca



Keep hold of the pen. Let’s write ourselves a new story 



  • FineB

    An excellent write and splendid look at love!

    Thank you Chris!

    Keep writing

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