Kurt Philip Behm

And Nothing At All (+7)

Like wine in storage,

The cellar of my perception ages

Buried deep in its recesses

The past and future abandoned

  —time no longer the vintner


Fermenting in the immediacy

Of the chosen instant

And distilling in the perfection

Of the perpetual present

  —the moment reopens


       Bringing with it everything

          —and nothing at all


(Garrett Hill Pennsylvania: January, 2014)



Their Gift


Speaking with one voice

  the silence unsettled

As the many inside me

  cry out to be heard


Laced within my words

  never fluent themselves

Woven in my acceptance

  —their gift to inspire


(Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania: January, 2014)


  Ending In Regret


Most of us wait

  for what few of us get


Then start the excuses

  —that end in regret


(Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 2014)


   Inside Your Heart


With your every smile,

  my life grows longer


Both on this earth

  —and inside your heart


(To My Grandson Hunter: January, 2014)


The Felony Of Language


The felony of language

   is within the larceny

  of being neither right

    —nor wrong


(Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 2014)


      Unspoken Dawn


The morning returns

  new verses unheard

  rising eternal

   —in the unspoken dawn


(Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania: January, 2014)



Salvation Dispersed


Buying into eternity

 one Poem at a time


My dreams are my currency

 a richness sublime


Buying into eternity

 words soar into verse


On the wings of an Angel

 —salvation dispersed


(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2018)



To Laura Nyro


Escaping myself,

 I ran into the wilderness


Escaping myself,

 I ran back through the dawn


Escaping myself,

 my shadow had vanished


Until capturing myself

  —in the words of your song


(Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2014)





  • Laura


    Eight SUPER postings!

    You began with “wine”
    and ended with one of
    your “Lauras”!
    Two of my favorite subjects!

    “Bringing with it everything
    —and nothing at all”

    “Until capturing myself
    —in the words of your song”

    I very much enjoyed and appreciated reading your exceptional poetry!


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