Beauty Of Meteorological Wrathful Phenomena


As an armchair admirer
of nature's fury viewed,
safely and soundly ensconced
within solid brick
poetic walls maneuvering
the electronic pointer
with a mouse click
accessing real time

while Hurricane Michael
rendered innocuous
in three dimensional
color enhanced electronic
data communicated, sans
packets intently scrutinized
by scientists tracking most
up to date images

transmitted upon flick
ring trajectory yearly
"storm of the century"
on expansive, expensive,

and cataclysmic, dynamic
explosive renderings aye
figuratively bow down,
with humility espy

ying (courtesy of
revolutionary remotely guy
did sophisticated

unmanned drones) high
lee effective tracking systems
accurately pinpointing
like an arrow
enroute to target, the near crow

wing future path
said natural maelstrom
predicted to follow
displaying emergency hot

(er...rather wet) spots
i.e. emergency
shelters people must go,
the latest destiny as Michael

rowed the boat ashore
all the way ta "eyed" hoe
vividly showing across
large panel screens broadcast

ting thee, where furiously fast
latent powers, (albeit
weakened in strength)
will spend the last

cyclonic one two punch viewed
by humbled mortals like me
to the world wide web
spellbound by massed

harried churning atmosphere,
extent of damage
assessed once hurricane passed.



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