don't fight your heart

Do the eyes scold melancholy for every tear they drop
Or does apathy blame curiosity for searching in all corners for love?
Does indifference quarrel enthusiasm for the passion it brings
Or the mouth feud with the desire for the lips that were kissed?

So why on earth, my dear love, are you fighting with your heart?
Stars don't fall foul of the aurora that with emeralds paint the night,
Nor eagles brawl the wind that will support their open wings,
Dolphins don't neglect the sea in which they have to live.

Fighting your heart is like swimming against the tide,
Like trying to fast forward time when I'm not by your side,
Or like trying to catch the wind with your bare hands.
So stop your inner war and remember we only live life once.


  • Alex

    I really enjoyed that, really brings the images to life in my head thanks

    • Javiilicitano

      Thank you for your kind reply

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