Political Poet

Jurassic changes

Jurassic changes has been happening for ages,

for as far as you can turn the pages,

while it amazes... all whom can understand the phrases,

full of rages,

going through phases, are now escaping from their cages

lights on, as the audience surround the stages

demons lurk through the mazes to pick and choose who to do in exchange of wages

all for these dirty races,

revealing their agenda in our faces, chaos has risen and spreading throughout places.

now that the people are seeing whos rolling with 5 aces.

convincing the uncertain is their only purpose,

denying any truth that surface

using the media to hide whos really behind the curtain.

repeating the same stories in your head until you're certain.

and it doesn't matter how many lives the lies are hurtin

the brainwashing is working white black brown woman or man any person

Wake up, and stand together and put down your burdens!



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