Truth is true even when lie shines.


moments of full and filled" times I've tripped and spilled. in front of mouths that peal steel and friends that snitch and squeal. Attitudes on the move that tilt and bend the wrong way then kill. personalities with fatal possibilities.

we're them so cal friends know before hand" you'll be a pass tense liability. reincarnation to there fake loyalty. At six years old we flew kites. Years pass and we had girls on the same ride. now your humble is your stumble. And now my flight won't fight for what's crumbled.

By noon we shared snack bites, me and you running to the sand pits. I loved you for been the quickest kid. I hear your name and makes me sick" can't help it but see you in floor and spit. we were dogs and we chilled like bois. now you cross my mind and I have choice. that's when a dog losses his boi. and a boy throws away his favorite toy. and tells himself why if it brought joy.

now you're In the streets, hiding walking wearing the wrong feet. you we're my pal. what happen to friends before gals. from me you stold and now hide your face cuz you sold my friendship for a good taste that din't stay. we were homies In the street we shook like buddies but you din't stick.

Now your trace is cold and your life soulless. loyalty too you should now be clueless. friend is farther to a son. and you broke truth that makes you sin and no longer fun. you were like the wrong son just a chump a punk that took friendship and flunked.

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