Naked and Afraid

Time after time I often wonder if you’d ever get tired of me .. maybe you’d figure you won’t need me anymore. Those long, sad, sleepless nights when I would stay up thinking ‘what am I really doing wrong?’ Real talks? We never had those ..

Do you genuinely love me for me? Or does that just sound good rolling off your tongue? Do you know how I really feel? I’m naked and afraid .. What you see is what you get .. no I’m not like those instagram girls, I don’t want to hide behind makeup .. it’s you that I want, I don’t believe in fairytales please just wake up!

 I’m naked and afraid, yet here I am .. giving you all of me as if I didn’t know the definition of ‘hurt’. Can’t you tell I’m scarred? If only you’d look me in my eyes and see for yourself .. then maybe you would understand.

 It’s the lonely nights I would stay up and cry out for you .. I gave you chance after chance, hoping you’ll take the time to study me .. but it doesn’t get any better .. just worse.

 Falling deeper into this hole, only I know the way out .. but it’s a constant struggle, finding a way to reach the top but I get knocked right back in it. Being in it for so long I started making it my new home, I get tired of fighting .. when I’m down, all I know is .. I’m naked .. afraid .. and alone. 

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