Knock Knock Part II

Maxine Smith

Knock Knock Who’s there??
Pen and Paper, don’t just stare !!
Let us in and give us inc
We will wait patiently while you think ..
Sorry it’s been so long again
Can you forgive my lazy brain??
I’ve had so much on my plate
I’m so sorry I made you wait ...

Knock knock on the door
I believe I've seen you hear before
Here again this Halloween
Like a goblin candy fiend

knock knock from
my poetic swiss cheesy aire
argh...chased by a munster
expect chokehold, thus this i quickly blare
while unstoppably barreling clear
into abyss mall void, to end despair
this lone passenger seeks Willoughby e'er
the place existent in the twilight zone, where
timeless eternity prevails - spare
this dog gone poor chap, whose finances
seem impossible to repair
thus this feeble broadcast,
yum height find queer.

Knock knock on the door
Continue to do your chores
Be willing to accept responsibility
And carry out your accountability

Who's there?
Knock Knock.

Knock knock
It's almost twelve o'clock, as you feel your bed rock, in a state of shock! Tick tock sweep the hands of the clock.

Knock knock the creaking door
Swings wide
And footsteps on the flagstone floor
Are heard inside
Her eyes look up her face alight
Arms open wide
Knock knock she welcomes him tonight.
-Michael Edwards-

KNOCK KNOCK ~ Who's there
Asked the Au Pair ?
C'est Moi
Dit Frere Jaques
Well then I ought
Ouvre La Port
Dit L'Au Pair !

Knock knock smack smack
bang bang whack whack
pound pound tap tap
rap rat-a-tat
cuff thud and thrash
swat slug and bash
I can’t ignore it any more
I’d best go see who’s at the door.
-Michael Edwards-

Knock knock
All is still
Rat a tat tat
What is your will?
Can I come in?
Sorry, no
What if I sing?
Please just go
Thud thud thud
As I walk away
Even though I wanted to stay


  • aRCane

    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    A heart BEATING
    Tub thumping
    A shape that takes form
    Cutting through the night curtain
    Breaking in
    Stealing nights thunder
    Whilst channeling lifes dissident waters
    Bringing in
    Breathing in MORNING
    Charming YOU, feeling ...
    A quiet whisper
    Yearns to heal YOU
    An affirmation that feels you
    Knock Knock
    Im here ...

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