Life VS Death

Anna Marg

Death was a cute boy

Eyes dark as the void

Pale skin white as snow

His complexion had no flaw


When he was born, his mother died

His father the boys involvement implied

But people couldn't blame an innocent baby

And after her death followed so many


As Death grow, so was his power

In front of his presence all of them seem to cower

Hate grew on them, but more did fear

No good fate came to those he was near


So he was sure he'd be forever alone

His heart he thought he'd dress in stone

That way he'll keep everyone away

And never again will he feel betrayed


After not long Life moved to the village

First time Death saw such an enchanting image

Her voice was like caresses of the wind

Lullabies, she smelled like gardenias and mint


He tried hard to keep his distance

Though in his nose always lingered her fragrance

Ugliness usually lies behind beauty

Unveiling her mask though wasn't his duty


When seeing her Death acted furious

But Life soon became curious

About the boy with the hood

Whose eyes in her heart everytime caused a flood


So slowly by slowly she tried to approach him

For quite a few time his defences stood firm

I'll have to do something she thought

Day and night for his aknowledge she fought


The villagers warned her about his curse

She thought to herself what an ignorants farse

How could such a man be considered a threat

When everytime I get close he's starting to sweat


Looking at him, Life couldn't stop

The urge to keep him into her grasp

The blush on his face was the sweetest

Thing she ever got to witness


Death on the other hand was confused

What about him made her amused

He wasn't handsome nor was he wise

If that was so to his rules he'd abide


But Death fell in love

Cause Life was pure like a dove

He couldn't tell her though, he was too shy

If she turned him down, he'd definetely cry


So he was happy just having her close

Crisis soon enough though arose

Life was slowly starting to get sick

When Death realised it, he started to freak


He couldn't bear to lose her as well

Life without Life could only mean hell

She was his only ray of hope

But now there was no time to mope


So he looks her deep in the eyes

Days with you were like paradise

Saying opposites always attract

That's only delusions that people enact


The most important things, I could never say

Cause it'll only make it harder for me not to stay

Me and you are not meant to be a pair

You bring hope while I only bring despair


Life tries hard to squeeze his hands

But Death before she does so his fingers retracts

He gazes at her for one last time

His stare is freezing, there's no more sunshine


He leaves her room

That's the life in which he's doomed

There's no more turning backs

His stone heart wall full of cracks


So he screams into space

What he couldn't tell her face to face

Goodbye my once friend I wish you the best

I need to find a place for my sorrow to rest


When after some days Life recovers

She reminisces his gaze that gave her shadders

She bursts into sobs and crimson tears

Alive came one of her greatest fears


She hugs his hood dark as charcoal

I caused in his pure heart such a turmoil

I bet you're out there laughing at me

Curse you Fate and my naivety


Life thought she'd be the life of Death

That's the path she carved and led

Fate had other plans sharpening her knives

Death soon would become the death of Life


  • Author: Anna Marg (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 18th, 2018 06:01
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 13
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  • Accidental Poet

    Expertly written from a heart of light.
    Thanks for your comment on my poem "Either Way I Still Love You". ; )

    • Anna Marg

      Thank you very much!

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