Wager On the Water's Lotto

Wandering, the Waves are walking 

onto the shore and past the rocky 

bank and up the hill surrounding, 

selling sea to make their living: 


They're building booths by the beach 

selling baubles and memories

bartering sand dollars for trinkets 

but their best product is the lottery ticket; 


A single seashell- 

which is sold in brimfuls, in sea-soaked nets weathered and torn 

and born up from the grotto with a curious motto, 

"wager on the Water's lotto." 


Every shell has won small somethings 

from little mermaid melodies to 

the smell of waves and algae 

yet the grand prize no one knows, 

which is why the allure is tempting-


but caution, dear, to what this is- 

the Waves do love upselling.




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