I Give You All Of Me

I once thought that we were just a memory,
I once felt there was nothing left of me,
You put me on my pedestal so differently,
Everyday and everything feels like how it’s meant to be,
I can’t picture anyone other then you mentally,
Ill be here until my last breathe becomes nothing but deadly,
Just promise you’ll hold on even when it hurts,
I promise that I’m down and I’ll always put you first,
Even when I can’t tell you I want you to remember,
I love you from September until September,
You’ve been the blessing undisguised since day one,
When I mean this is only the beginning our fun has just begun,
I just wouldn’t be complete if you weren’t apart of me,
I’m Obsessed with looking into your eyes so sensibly,
It’s a sensation that’s destined to be,
It’s a creation for others to seek,
I pray for prosperity within our love,
Nothing or no one else can come between or above,
Your energy is all I desire,
No money or material can do the job it’s you who I require,
It’s been overdue that I’ve been longing for you since forever,
Your wise words when you looked me in my eyes was more then clever,
I love you for you,
And I know you love me too 



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