Here We Go Again..

This Is Already The 3rd Week In A Row, 

Rolling Something, Taking Shots Of Something So That My Depression Doesn’t Show.

All I Do Now Is Wake Up At Noon,

Wondering If I’m Numb Or If I’m Just Missing You.

I’ve Noticed Your Pictures Lately And You're Starting To Look Happy,

After All This Time I’m Still Wishing It Didn’t Hurt Me This Badly.

To Be Honest I Wish There Was A Replay Button,

Back When We Were Somethin’,

Before We Turned Into Nothin’.

It Breaks My Heart To Know We Can Never Be Seen Together,

Even Though You Swore We’d Always Be Best Friends Forever.

What’s The Point In Trying To Call You If I Know You Won’t Pick Up? 

You Spend All Your Time With Her Now So I Can’t Interrupt.

When My Mom Almost Died I Thought You’d Come Right Over But You Didn’t,

I Keep Forgetting From Your Girlfriends I Have To Stay Fuckin’ Hidden. 

I Needed You Here With Me Cause You’re The One Who Keeps Me Sane,

Guess There’s Nothing In The World That Can Stop You From Putting Me Through More Pain. 

You Left Me All Alone,

Waiting For You By The Phone,

With Tears Running Down My Face ‘Cause You Once Called Me Your HOME.

I Try Not To Say Much.. I Know You Hate Hearing My Feelings,

How Can You Blame Me If We Both Know It’s My Heart You’ve Been Stealing.

Im Doing 90 On The Freeway And Looking For Songs To Play,

Tonight I Might Just Lose It Cause I Cant Get Rid Of This Pain.

I Try To Leave You Behind,

Back To 2009,

“What’s All The Love In The World If You Found It At The Wrong Time?”.

Remember When I Told You To Listen To This Song? 

You Told Me It Made You Cry, Were You Just Playing All Along? 

Are You Smiling And Laughing Till It Hurts Without Me?

Do Those Love Songs We Shared Sound The Same Without Me? 

Do You Think Your Heart Will Always Be Safe Without Me?

I’ll Pray For You, Your Life Wont Be The Same Without Me! 

I’m So Sorry That I Just Wasn’t Enough For You,

It Was Always So Easy To Replace Someone Who Adored You.  

I Can’t Do This.. Falling For You Was Never Really My Intention,

I Fuckin’ Loved You More Than Hannah Was Loved By Clay Jensen!

I Went Through Hell For You,

Shouldn’t Have Gone And Fell For You,

Kinda Wish You Never Knew I’d Leave This World For You. 

I’ve Decided To Finally Let Go And Give You Your Space,

I’ll Always Love You And Keep Our Memories In A Safe Place.

I Know I Shouldn’t Be Letting All Of This Affect Me,

It Gets Hard When All I Have Is The Fucking Pain That You Left Me.

I Just Wish For One Day You Knew What It Was Like,

Watching Someone Else Kiss And Hold The Love Of Your Life. 

To Know That She’ll Never Love You Back The Same Way,

Knowing You’re Dying Alone With That Embedded In Your Brain. 

Cant Seem To Erase You,

I Try So Hard To Replace You,

No Matter What I Do I Still Can’t Sit Here And Say I Hate You!!

...Because I Love You,

No One Else But You,

There Will Never Be Another Woman I'd Put Above You.

You probably Thought I Really Did Stop Writing About You,

Truth Is I Never Go A Day Without Thinking About You.




  • Author: SLY (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 24th, 2018 05:11
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  • Category: Sad
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