linoleum fields

oh, but how

do i see your bright eyes

as i walk down the hallways

of this haunted building

the ghost of you

yells and screams

oh, i'm sorry

there's no way to leave

you were a friend

never a lover

yet you reside in my heart the same

i can feel your cold hands on my back

but you stop at the exit

oh, i'm so sorry


never a foot set outside

you're in a cage

they call freedom

bound to the bricks

please, stop appearing

i beg and plea

mercy me

oh, mercy me

i pray you're locked inside

for i shall leave 

and night and day

will go on

without you.


but about me?

they will too

see, i was the ghost

haunting myself

a out of body experience

i have grown to hate

is it punishment?

i'm scared to ask

for what?

why place a chain around my neck

if i've done nothing wrong?

or is it what i will do

that causes this prison 

to grab and suck me in?

if so, i apologise

for i'm not the person

i was before this sin.


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