This message is for the walking dead, for it's been long overdue
My people too lost In this illusion, no worries tho, SHALLSEA THE PURPOSE to the rescue
Do away with that box and show others what's unique about you
By showing your essentric side you gain the power to help liberate others too
this is my virtue
i was sent here to help others expand their mind, while giving them different perspectives to view
be free, be weird, be the exception of few
to enter a world of much freedom filled with every single hue
Own who you are, embrace everything that you do
with an open mind, for I am the tarot card of death and death is the only way through
the portal of mental reincarnation, yeah now you have the power to become totally new
to possess the gifts of the universe, be yourself, that's first clue
second clue grants you access, but you must activate it on cue
seventh chakra, that's top crown, but you must have the patience of a statue
third clue, now lets mix it with a litle voodoo
a majestic kind of magick that already resides inside you
to be the glitch in their matrix, is to experience deja vu
this message is for the walking dead, so let's have church, grab your pew
because every word that I spew
is for every zombie, every sheep, sleep walkers and their crew
your mind lives in a cage, and that's the real issue
dont be restricted by these social customs, you must undue that taboo
by taking the time to review, n inner stand what I'm saying, raises your spiritual IQ
So many Voices in my head, asking me too remind you
for I am the message of death sent to wake you
up because well...I love you
Messenger poet of death, death is the only way through


  • orchidee

    Oohh I dunno, I may be weird enough already! heehee.

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