Star gazing through the night, cosmic vibes, yeah I'm fishing 

I see a fallen star fall before me granting permission as I'm wishing 

Wishing that while on this mission 

Peace n harmony never go missing 

Went into this journey truly blind, not really realizing what I'm actually risking 

When I made the decision 

To become ah mental magician 

Now the deeper I dive the clearer becomes my intuition 

Spiritually challenging myself everyday, as truths are revealed through 3rd eye vision 

Yeah I call that divine premonition 

Eclectic vibes I'm always gettin

Spiritual highs, yeah that's my aim as I dabble with superstition 

Getting acquainted with Pluto, energies that help  my transition 

Spirit guides direct my path, protecting me against all opposition 

Helping me manifest my powers into full fruition 

Cuz I refused to just be human,  while living in a mortal condition

You chase the money, I chase spiritual perfection through constant repetition  

Battling angels n demons, I'm that dragon, slaying all competition

With divine accurate precision 

So misunderstood amongst beings, who can't define me with definition 

Bc there's is no definition, for this type of ambition 

Call it sorcery, call it magic, or ah highly evolved Christian 

That took knowledge of the occult n meshed it with your religion 

Cuz humans tend to need labels in order to better understand ah persons position

But I'm always the exception never the rule, my Goddess within provides this spiritual nutrition 

Ishatar, I raised my veil, had to understand both sides of the division 

Of light n dark, I'm Noah's ark, baptizing the contradiction 

The divine,they speaks in numbers, so I became ah mathematician 

Ina realm filled with confusion, n beings who have no jurisdiction

Just ah bunch mortals handing out orders, but fuck your crucifixion

Ishatar, my veil is raised, behold, my Goddess within, She has officially arisen 







  • Joe Dawson

    Ah, a journey of the most complex kind. A damn good read if I may say so. Joe

    • Shallsea

      Complex indeed! Appreciate the read.. there’s more to come.. my journey is crazy. 👁🔮

    • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

      Great job, Shallsea. I particularly liked the phrase, that is so true, "humans tend to need labels in order to understand..."

      This is a sad commentary on the human race, but it is so true.

      Keep us abreast of your spiritual journey. 🙂

      • Shallsea

        Also one of my fav lines because it relates to me all too well!! Stay tuned!! The journey gets crazier!! Thanks for the read!!!

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