If you trace the footsteps I’ve left behind

You’ll be upon my winding path

I’ll be there waiting breathing the solitude I desire

Chucking random thoughts into the fire


If you follow the tracks I’ve left behind

You’ll stumble across my hideaway

I’ll be there silently inhaling the lies I can’t rescind

Tossing broken dreams into the wind


Today I remove my mask

& become a new stranger in this world

My burning bridge engulfed in smoke & flame

Nobody will remember my name


Today I remove my cloak

& become an outsider once again

That final bridge is burning to the ground

I’m gone, no goodbyes, no tears nor sound


If you shadow my footsteps I’ve left behind

You’ll cross over onto my path

I’ll be there freezing holding back a sudden shiver

Flicking faded memories into the river


If you locate the tracks I’ve left behind

You’ll discover my hideaway

I’ll be there regretting the life I’ve destroyed

Throwing shattered hopes into the void


© 2018 Unsub


  • orchidee

    I have a fear of crossing high bridges, so I may never get to ya if ya got any bridges like the one in the pic!

    • Unsub


      give it five more mins & there won't be a bridge anyway!

      Thanks for considering helping but phobias are a real pain in the ass or in this case the Behind!


      • orchidee

        Is this the only phobia anyone gotta worry about - to hear the dreaded words 'I'm gonna sing!' lol.?

      • Santita

        There is a sadness to this throughout. And the pain of the past is burdensome and becomes too much to bear.

        This writing is clear; easy to follow and beautifully expressed.

        We sit at the end feeling desolated, alone - "throwing shattered hopes into the void". Relatable write, Unsub.

        • Unsub


          I thought this was full of hope...guess not!


        • Goldfinch60

          Another superb write Unsub.

          If you look into the fire that is destroying your bridge you will see you Phoenix is rising from it, so it will fly back to you.

          • Unsub


            I killed & stuffed that bloody phoenix. Got myself a parrot instead!


          • sylviasearcher

            There's a subtle yet too familiardichotomy here.

            It's like you are leading the reader to follow you .

            But to what? To watch on at the solitude you desire? Your self-destruction and self-loathing (the lies I can't rescind/throwing shattered hopes into the void)

            Yet still their are tracks/shadows to locate and follow.

            I'm probably just projecting my own 'outsider' syndrome here. But there's always been a part of me torn between solitude and Self destruction and wanting to exist within some shared space somewhere at the end of my fading footprints.

            • Unsub


              familiardichotomy? bloody hell what does that mean? LOL! Sounds cool so I like it!

              I am an outsider & this will draw the outsiders in from the cold if only for a short while.


              • sylviasearcher

                The two words were missing a space... But hey poets can make up words if they have a licence!

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