El Camino

A rosary drinks the sweat from her palm
She utters a quiet, earnest prayer
To the Virgen de Guadalupe
In desolation's harsh, desert air

The leather of her skin has burnt
Under the unforgiving sun
Her feet are calloused at the heels
& their journey has just begun

The blistering heat of day pales
Next to the soul-draining night
The group walks in constant fear
Of being captured right on sight

When the children cry with hunger
She is threatened with hollow, immoral eyes
Offering herself as currency
& her body he begins to terrorize

He grunts like the devil’s pig
Plucking a jewel from her soul
Never to be seen again
Leaving her a little less whole

This is the price of freedom
For women in desperate need
Sacrificing for their children
In cries that silently bleed



    "Plucking a jewel from her soul". A definitive line. Subjugation of women is a horrific sin of humanity.

    Outstanding work from a brilliant poetess. Spellcheck didn't confirm "poetess"... typical!

    • Santita

      Thank you for the gift of these words, Johnny! Much appreciated!

    • Goldfinch60

      Superb write Santita and so very true.

      • Santita

        Thank you so much, Goldie!

      • orchidee

        If it wasn't a serious subject, I might swoon of course! Fido, me watchdog, has had to bark at a couple of naughty poets, not marking their poems as 18+, when they should be. ooh.

        • Santita

          Oops I forgot maybe I should have? lol

          • orchidee

            Well, this seems OK for the theme - not needing 18+. Fido starts barking if things are too swoony, or too much F and B in the poems! Or - if KP bothers me, he keeps her away from me! lol.

          • Fay Slimm

            A stunning write Santi - - first class poetic rhyming in this sad tale of reality for many mothers today.

            • Santita

              Thank you so much, dear Fay. Always happy to receive your feedback :)

            • dusk arising

              And so goes the world. Man continues his abuse. Physically he is built with the ability. Mentally he grows out of it or physically decays. Womankind shoulders necessity and feeds the children so that the cycle may continue.
              Santita captures a life experience and paints with vivid palette a picture which saddens our hearts with sincerity. Bringing home to us the sacrifice lovingly given in our own families.

              • Santita

                I love your thoughtful feedback. Truly makes me smile every time.

              • Michael Edwards

                A powerful write so well constructed.

                • Santita

                  Thank you very much, Michael!

                • Laura

                  My Dear Santi,

                  A masterpiece of a write! Metaphorically rich! Una escritura muy dolorosa!

                  The lead line of your poem captivated my attention! Relatable for various reasons!

                  A mother’s sacrifices for her children are boundless!

                  That “pig” should be slaughtered and his poisoned flesh fed to others like him!

                  The entire poem can be relatable to present conditions...politically speaking!

                  I could say much more, but I think it is best for me to limit my negativity toward unspeakable undertakings by the powerful!

                  Hugs 🤗


                  • Santita

                    Yes! You grasped what I was trying to convey. This is very relevant to the current political issue of immigration. This is a danger many women face on their journey to "freedom". Thank you for feeling this & offering your kind words!

                  • sylviasearcher

                    Really powerful imagery here. Such contrasts between love and tenderness and empty greed.

                    I read this on lots of different levels.

                    From a mother's love of her children
                    To the rape of mother earth.

                    • Santita

                      I like your interpretations here, Sylvia. This definitely brims with a mother's love. Thank you for your visit, always appreciated.

                    • BRIAN & ANGELA

                      HOLA SANTITA ~ BRIAN AQUI ~ Gracias por este es una Poema muy Bella y muy Simpatica. Nuestra Senora de GUADELUPE era un vision mas importante en MEXICO. I have visited Mexico City several times and the Depiction is very calming. Your very elegant POEM depicts the Lives of many persecuted Ladies Worldwide ~ it makes me ashamed to be a MAN and it teaches ANGELA to be vigilant at all times.
                      Your LADY is on "Una VIAJE en el Camino" escaping from whom from where and to where ? ? ? Like all LADIES she has the responsibility of the CHILDREN (alas it will ever be thus !} ~ her skin burns ~ her feet ache ~ her children cry ~ her body is her only currency ~ men grunt like pigs while they ravish her and then toss her to one side.

                      This IS the price of Freedom
                      For women in desperate need
                      Sacrificing for their children
                      In cries that silently bleed

                      ANGELA aqui : I have to minister massage & physio to Ladies who have been beaten & battered and now live in Refuges in the UK so I can empathise. Because my services are free they can afford it. Some of them call me an ANGEL !
                      There are 4 billion FEMALES on EARTH and they should all be treated gently : like BRIAN treats me ! MILLIONS of these Precious Ladies fit into your Poem and often MALE AUTHORITY turns a BIND EYE !
                      Thanks for having the COURAGE to publish this :
                      Muchos Abrazos y Besos
                      BRIAN y ANGELA 😎🧡🧡🧡
                      Please visit our POEM TODAY ~ on NUTS and please please add a POEM to our FUSION de NATIVIDAD ~ Gracias B y A XOXOX
                      WE have all missed your wonderful Poetry ~ more please !

                      • Santita

                        Wow. Thank you both very much for your detailed responses on a piece that is very important to me and the current climate in the States. I appreciate your responses very much. *hugs*

                      • Christina8

                        This is so well done but so horrifying!! A very powerful poem, Santita!! Its so sad that this is true.

                      • Syd

                        This poem highlights the brutal reality of many migrants. Great write Santita.

                        - Syd

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